From Proposals to Advertising the Living Dead.

Death of cinema d'essai

So, despite Greenaway’s declaration that cinema is dead, there still seems to be a voice within this dying art form. Around 9 or so months ago, a video hit the web, which showed a guy who had made his own movie trailer in order to propose to his girlfriend. In the video, we see the trailer and the Live footage of the girlfriends’ reaction as it becomes evident that the person proposing was her boyfriend. All a bit niche maybe, but it certainly hit my romantic side and made me feel that that was a pretty cool way to propose.

Now, the point that this gets interesting for me, is how an american TV company must have latched onto this concept and run with it to promote their latest High Profile Show. Check the video below.

I kinda like this way, this trailer is aimed at an audience that are clearly there for a romantic movie, and then twist it with the zombie concept. A great way to possibly reach a market that may not initially have batted an eyelid at the thought of watching The Walking Dead, but hey, it certainly made them sit up and pay attention. You never know, it could potentially have snagged a new viewing base and if so, a new form of marketing may have just reawakened.

So Greenaway, is Cinema truly dead?

About thegonzotrap

Like an illicit drug injected straight into a vein, drama and the creative arts grabbed hold of me from an early age. Whatever form it took on, I was hooked. This intoxication went straight to my brain, infusing every impulse with creative energy and injecting it with so much passion and vitality that it could lift me higher than anything that I could imagine. There are many forms that have inspired me over the years, leaving me hungry for more. Always something to whet my appetite. I have tried to harness this yearning. Always aspiring to seek out what truly invigorates my soul and for a while, this drive has laid dormant, but now, it has begun to resurrect itself. The only way to let any form of creativity to flourish is to observe it: Its' traits, its' habits, it's ebbs and flows. I have decided to create this blog in order to record and collate anything that may ignite the senses. Currently, I am training as a multiplatform producer. I aim to bring together the skills from the scholarship I have undertaken at Metro Screen with other qualities that I have attained over the years. Whether this is through acting, editing or production management, merging this with things that have inspired me thus far and hopefully beyond. My target is to bill myself as a Gonzo Multiplatform Producer. This blog will be my journey.
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4 Responses to From Proposals to Advertising the Living Dead.

  1. Brooke says:

    Ha! That video is fantastic, thanks for posting. It’s a great way to get some publicity and I bet the people in the audience won’t be forgetting that tv show in a hurry! (It’s also a slightly humorous connection between marriage and zombies :p) Thanks for posting!

  2. thegonzotrap says:

    Thanks for your feedback Brooke.
    Yes, well I thought that Marriage and Death went hand in hand. 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing where companies may go with this down the track, if at all.

  3. Jane Cameron says:

    I reckon the marriage proposal was much better executed than the zombie one. That’s the trouble when big companies see an idea that works. They try to rip it off for their own benefit and it loses its magic. I’m no romantic, but the proposal one brought a tear to my eye. Let’s just hope the lovely couple don’t get offered their own reality tv show! If the proposal has had millions of hits then you can bet your bottom dollar that some TV executive somewhere has figured that there’d be people willing to watch the relationship unfold. On the other hand, if they’re clever, the couple could stream their wedding live on the web and smartphones and sell a shiteload of advertising to pay for the big day!

    • thegonzotrap says:

      Hi Jane,
      Thanks for your feedback.
      I’m pretty sure that the couple in question did go on to make an online video of their wedding. I’ll have to look into that and post back when I have more information.
      Totally agree with you comment on the TV Company. I can’t say that I’m totally surprised by it.

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