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The Theatre of the Oppressed

Theatre of the Oppressed Workshop

I have already mentioned in my ravings of the Fear and Loathing in Bris Vegas writings of how idols have affected me or inspired me throughout my life thus far, the earlier part of which had heavy leanings in the theatre department. My life lived and breathed drama and I would do anything to immerse myself in this world. It is little wonder then, that I too a degree in Drama and Theatre Studies to pursue my interests and along this journey, I was introduced to someone I now consider to fit the description of Idol, at least in my eyes and indeed to others that have studied his craft.

The person in question, is Augusto Boal, a Brazilian theatre practitioner who developed the Theatre of the Oppressed. By using theatre as a means to deliver knowledge and social concepts and transform this, by allowing the audience a voice, whereby they can interact with the performance and even change the direction that the narrative is taking. In doing so, “the people” are given a voice and can look at variable ways to impact or change things within society for the good.

Boal’s work has been recognised in the theatre industry globally and in 2008 was a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee in recognition of his contributions to society. I’ll leave this post from Democracy Now, which gives a descriptive background in an interesting Obituary, dedicated to his practice, including an interview in which Boal lends his views.

About thegonzotrap

Like an illicit drug injected straight into a vein, drama and the creative arts grabbed hold of me from an early age. Whatever form it took on, I was hooked. This intoxication went straight to my brain, infusing every impulse with creative energy and injecting it with so much passion and vitality that it could lift me higher than anything that I could imagine. There are many forms that have inspired me over the years, leaving me hungry for more. Always something to whet my appetite. I have tried to harness this yearning. Always aspiring to seek out what truly invigorates my soul and for a while, this drive has laid dormant, but now, it has begun to resurrect itself. The only way to let any form of creativity to flourish is to observe it: Its' traits, its' habits, it's ebbs and flows. I have decided to create this blog in order to record and collate anything that may ignite the senses. Currently, I am training as a multiplatform producer. I aim to bring together the skills from the scholarship I have undertaken at Metro Screen with other qualities that I have attained over the years. Whether this is through acting, editing or production management, merging this with things that have inspired me thus far and hopefully beyond. My target is to bill myself as a Gonzo Multiplatform Producer. This blog will be my journey.
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2 Responses to Opinions on the Oppressed

  1. Danielle says:

    Boal inspires through unique theatrical conventions, embracing the fluidity of the craft and establishing meaningful dialogue. There are echoes of Brecht and Artaud (Theatre of Cruelty), where art has such purpose: to make us think, draw us out of our comfort zone and in, transcending the aesthetic realm, engage the audience on personal and political levels.

    • thegonzotrap says:

      The man and his work was and still is in my view truly inspirational. The blend of Brecht and Artaud as you mentioned in your post establishes such a core resonance when performing Social Theatre.
      I hope that the Theatre of the Oppressed continues in some shape or form as it is one of the last methods of theatre that enhances an emotional and engaging connection with its audience, as the people are the theatre, the theatre its people.

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